Q. Is your brewery child-friendly?

A. Yes! We welcome kids into the tasting room and onto the patio. Colouring books and games are provided to help keep our younger guests occupied. That said, please respect other patrons and remove children that are being disruptive (we’ll handle any adults that are disruptive ;) ).


Q. IS your patio dog-friendly?

A. Not just the patio! The Tasting Room and Bottle Shop is as well! Feel free to bring your fluffy family member in for a sip of water, a treat, and some pets. We just ask that you keep them on leash in case some of our fur-friends don’t interact well with others.

We also ask that if there is live music or a show going on, please leave your pets at home. Loud environments aren’t friendly to their sensitive hearing.


Q. Do you serve food?

A. Yes! We have a small selection of snack-sized items and simple fare. We are constantly rotating our menu with whatever is fresh, local, and in season, so please feel free to check with the staff what’s on offer.

If you have specific dietary needs, or we are out of something on menu, we do invite you to bring food in as well! You can order from one of our amazing local restaurants directly or through Skip the Dishes, whichever food service you prefer.


Q. Do you do tours?

A. We do! If you would like to book a tour and tasting for yourself or a group, please contact us through our email theorybrew@gmail.com or through the contact us page!


Q. How do I book a show in your venue as a musician, artist, or band?

A. For booking, please get a hold of Kelti or Genna. You can do so by emailing theorybrew@gmail.com or through the contact us page. We will do our best to accommodate you, but please appreciate some dates may be unavailable due to staff shortages or other bookings.


Q. Let’s talk about accessibility: how accessible are you?

A. We are working on our accessibility, but we are a wheel-chair accessible venue. Our front door has a bit of a lip to it, and it isn’t an automatic door, so navigating it may be tricky. If you wave our front desk over the will be happy to help you. We can accommodate all vision and auditory impairments as well, though you will need to be patient with Kel, her ASL is still a little slow.

We are also a safe space for all people and we encourage you to let us know if something or someone is making you uncomfortable! We welcome everyone to this space and want to make it a community for all.