We Commit.

We were delighted to quietly turn 3 back on December 18th, 2018. Everyone always says the first 3 years of a small business are the hardest, and boy, can we relate. The road hasn’t been easy, and we’ve taken our share of hits, but we still enjoy the ride and look forward to an incredible 2019 and year 4.

Depending on how the next couple of months go, we are planning an expansion. Assuming we can keep pace with our brewing and continue to make record breaking sales (thanks for that, valued customer!) we will be adding another 1200 square feet to our warehouse in the spring. We can’t do it without you, and we are excited for the changes coming down the proverbial pipe.

But more than expansion into new space, and adding some really fun toys (hello, barrel aging program), we will also be committing. As more and more fantastic breweries open and grow, we want to commit to staying small, and local, and we wanted to tell you a little about that today.

We Commit.

To Lethbridge: we remain committed to growing a local craft beer scene and creating delicious locally made beers from local ingredients. We are working at lining up a winter-time local music scene in the brewery, and will be investigating local winter out-door events as well (because we are Canadian and Winter is our time to shine!). We want to support as many local organizations, events, fundraisers, committees and businesses as we possibly can. We are looking forward to doing incredible things for the arts and music scene here and are working hard to get our ideas on that point flowing just as much as the beer does!

To Alberta: We know we have clients outside of our hometown and sometimes, being a small company, we are not as able to come and visit with you as much as we would normally like. We love and value each and every one of you, and are hoping to share your successes throughout the year with our growing community! Whether you are down in the south close to our stomping grounds or WAAAY up there (looking at Manning!) we want to celebrate your joys and successes. We promise to keep telling everyone we meet just how incredible you are.

And to our suppliers, Red Shed Malting Co., Canada Malting Co., and anyone else we purchase from here in Alberta: keep being amazing. We cannot get over the incredible quality and service of what you provide and we love buying from you. All the best.

To Canada: Despite some border crossing shenanigans in other areas, we are wholly welcoming to everyone across the nation and hope to one day be able to serve our beer to everyone from sea-to-sea-to-sea. In the meantime, we will proudly source our ingredients, equipment, bottles, labels, yeast, and anything else we get from local companies! We love living in this country, and we love to support our Canadian brothers and sisters.

To The Planet: 2018 was the year we began to expand our knowledge of environmental impact in the brewing business. We understand what it takes to make our product, and what kind of impact our practices have on the environment. We are working to minimize. In 2019 we will be heavily investigating new technologies to help power our plant through renewable energy. We will set up an even more comprehensive recycling program and work to reduce the amount of non-recyclable/re-usable materials coming into our building. We will take pains to ensure everything we do is sourced ethically and environmentally, and that sustainability for both us and the planet is paramount in our business.

And finally, to you: we commit to creating an incredible experience at Theoretically Brewing. We want you to find another home within our walls, where you can feel accepted and appreciated for the wonderful people you are. We commit to providing you with excellent beer, excellent service, and an excellent experience. This will be our way of thanking you for all your support.

Kelti Baird