What is a Community Based Patio/Beer Garden

We are expanding our Tasting Room capacity on a seasonal basis by the addition of a local patio and beer garden! Our pocket parking lot is being tweaked to include a patio expansion that will help us host more events and guests! Exciting right? We think so too. Adding a patio will do a number of things to help transform our small local business into the proper Lethbridge hang-out we always dreamed it would be, but it's about more than that too. 

What the heck is a Community Based Patio & Beer Garden? 

Our marvelous landlord is looking after some logistical additions to the building and parking lot, which provides us with an opportunity to create a community-focused space. A gate will be added to the lot, that will be able to block off access to the parking area, meaning that we can license the space as a beer garden on a semi-permanent basis. This provides us an additional 2000 square feet of outdoor space with which to do something absolutely awesome. Some of the events we are already planning include: 

1. An outdoor cask event and food-truck rally 
2. Outdoor craft markets and fairs 
3. Home brewing and compound extracting classes 
4. Meetings, special events, fundraisers, and private events such as weddings and birthday parties 
5. Outdoor concerts, comedy nights, music festival nights, and more! 

So that all sounds awesome, but clearly, those are all going to be great for the brewery as well. That's true! We are not denying that an increase in traffic to our location will be a massive bonus for us. But it's about giving back too. 

You may have noticed that we exist in a...somewhat sketchy...area of town. The lighting on our street sucks (let's be honest) and walking down there after dark can be scary. By adding our patio, which will enjoy late hours in the summer time, we will be enhancing the aesthetic of our street, and creating a space for people to enjoy. Gentrification occurs in an area when people frequent the space for a good time, and feel comfortable and safe there. With the additional traffic we are hoping to encourage other businesses in the area to stay open later, enhancing the experience and the neighborhood. 

In addition to that, one of the pillars of our business is to provide a venue for non-profit organizations to use on a regular basis that is both cheaper to use and accessible. We are pleased to work with multiple non-profit organizations in town, and would love to welcome even more! We believe that local business should support their local community, and we are happy to do so! 

There is plenty of opportunity in our beautiful Upper EastSide neighborhood for small businesses like ours to thrive, and to help create that atmosphere of inclusion and pride that Lethbridge so deserves. Of course, as is the case with many small businesses, it is sometimes difficult to put away the capital to help fund some of the cool stuff we want to do. Instead, we are asking the community for help, so we can then work to grow the community. Investing in this project is an investment in the future of the Upper EastSide, and Lethbridge as a thriving local scene. 

To contribute to the campaign please head to the Campaign Website and take a look at some of the rewards you can get just for helping us out! There is a video to watch that will help explain the project, and of course we are happy to answer any questions you might have. If you are interested in this and other local projects and start-ups, you can also check out the ATB BoostR Stage taking place at the Galt Museum & Archives on March 21st. We will be presenting this idea and plan at that event, and you can help us raise even more awareness and money to make the patio spectacular. 

Kelti Baird