Our Beers are created with passion, science, and 100% Canadian Ingredients every single time. We are proud to partner with local malt-barley growers, Malters, and hops farms to brew approachable yet intriguing ales.

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Our Core Brews are a selection of 6 beers that we brew consistently year-round. We work hard to minimize seasonal variability in these brands, though with craft brewing slight flavour tweaks are always a feature. Our Cores run the spectrum from light and bright to dark and toasty. They are: Quantum Wheat Ale, Study Buddy Hefeweizen, Curiosity Amber Ale, Frequency Hopper English IPA, Ionic Irish Red Ale, and BHB Stout! Visit the brewery to learn more!


Seasonal Brews are repeats that come out annually at a given time of year! We are pleased to bring back crowd favourites year after year in limited, exclusive batches. Our Seasonal Brews include: Fomenko’s Chronology Raspberry Sour Ale in the early summer, CFC Buster Habanero IPA in the late summer, and Space Chai-m Continuum Chai Vanilla Porter in the mid-winter.


Experimental Brews are new and interesting single-batch beers that we produce whenever we feel like trying something a little weird. Usually they start with Kris yelling from the brew floor to Kel “I’m about to do some science!!!” and then proceeding to brew something completely random. Previous Experimental Batches have included: Pirates of Persica Rum Peach Brown Ale, Expecto Fermentum Apricot Amber, The Matilda Effect Lavender Gin Wheat Ale, and so many more! These brews are usually one-hit-wonders and are extremely limited in their availability. Keep an eye on our website and Social Media for upcoming beers!

Vegans, Farmers, & Love Local Enthusiasts: we are here for you…

All of our core beers are vegan friendly! Unlike other breweries that use isinglass (a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish) to clarify beers, we use Irish Moss in all beers we deem need clarification…which actually isn’t many. We will always let you know if a product contains some kind of substance that will make it non-vegan (ie. lactose). Watch for indicators on our new labels! (coming soon).

We love our local ingredients…

Our brewing philosophy is simple: 100% Canadian Ingredients + Canadian-Made Equipment + Canadian Talent = 100% Canadian product that tastes great and feeds back into our local economy. This isn’t a hard philosophy to adopt either, especially when Western Canada provides the best ingredients in the brewing industry! We are proud to support local growers and producers for all of our ingredient needs!

And will never compromise.

Our brews contain NO artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. We use 100% natural ingredients sourced as close to home as possible for all of our brews. Our beers are also traditionally conditioned, meaning that there is live yeast in each bottle looking after that beer for you! Be kind to the yeast: store your beer in a cool dark place until you are ready to consume. We recommend consuming within 6 months, but you can store the Irish Red and the Stout for up to a year!