We make our home, and our beer, in the City of Lethbridge, Alberta. It is a magnificent city of approximately 98,000 residents (2017), home to a college and world-renowned research university, featuring a diverse populace with a dynamic and fluid culture. We are proud to make Lethbridge our home.

Southern Alberta is home to several small cities, large towns, and many villages, hamlets, and colonies. We are one of the sunniest regions in Canada. Our primary export is agricultural products, with more and more renewable (wind and solar) energy becoming part of the landscape. Our geography features plains, prairies, foothills, mountains, coulees, and river systems. The main rivers are the St. Mary's and the Belly (Oldman) River. It is the traditional territory of the Blackfoot Nation, and shares a rich cultural and indigenous history. We are honoured to be here in this beautiful and majestic part of Alberta.

A brief History of Lethbridge Beer

The original town of Coalbanks, which was located in the river bottom of current-day Lethbridge, was home to several small brewery operations as early as 1890. Throughout the first Prohibition Era of 1885-1895, several breweries and distilleries opened in the area. The Lethbridge Brewing Company opened in 1901 by Fritz Sick, which brewed Olde Style Pilsner from 1901-1989, was purchased by Molson in 1953 and closed in 1990. The building was demolished in 1991.

The Brewing Industry returned to Lethbridge with the announcement of 2 breweries opening in 2015 and 2016. [Theoretically] Brewing, a small-scale, family-run operation opened our doors on Dec 18, 2015 as the first operational brewery south of Calgary.

Our friends and neighbours in Southern Alberta include Coulee Brew Co., Medicine Hat Brewing Co., Hell's Basement Brewing Co., and Oldman River Brewing Company.


Our Story

Kel & Kris met through their involvement at the University of Lethbridge, and through the Lethbridge Medieval Club in 2007. Over time, the two became good friends, finally resulting in the 'crazy idea' to open a brewery together in Lethbridge around 2012. They would eventually put the work in to open the first (and smallest) brewery south of Calgary. If you stop into the brewery, Kel will happily tell you the story of how a dare became a passion.

Community Builds A Better fUTURE

We are nothing without the community we live in. We believe whole-heartedly that breweries offer the unique ability to become the beating heart of a place-- so long as they are welcoming and inviting. We encourage all people, from all walks of life to come through our doors. We welcome kids, families, adults, and dogs into our space, and ask that all of our patrons treat each other kindly as well. We are a safe space in the community, made better by the people we serve.