Kel[ti] Baird


Kel is our Managing Owner and responsible for all things Theorybrew. From logistics to sales, marketing to book-keeping, there is very little she doesn’t know about our brewery. She even brews beer occasionally!

Kel graduated the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2012. She is a local history enthusiast, beer lover, and avid community builder. In her limited spare time she loves hanging out with her husband Matt, and enjoying life in Southern Alberta.

Kel is working with local business owners in our neighbourhood to enhance art and culture in the area. She is excited about the potential of the Warehouse District and has been recognized by the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce as a Top 40 Under 40 Leader in 2019.


Kris Fischer


Kris Fischer is our Brew Master and the master-mind behind some of our crazier experimental brews. Kris began home-brewing with his grandfather in his early teens, and has been a fan of beer-making ever since.

Kris is a Chemistry Instructor at the University of Lethbridge, and holds a Master’s in Organic Chemistry. He is the scientific brain, and mechanical tinker, behind our innovative brew-house and methodologies.

Kris is also a dedicated member of the Lethbridge Medieval Club and is an armoured combatant.

Kris Fischer.jpg

Kayla Glynn


Kayla is our talented and enthusiastic Head Brewer and cheerleader for the entire team here at Theorybrew. She is passionate about great beer and is rarely without a smile.

Kayla has been a server and bar manager in Lethbridge while taking her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Lethbridge. She is also a pole fitness instructor with Ivy Studios here in the city, and a role-model for kick-ass women everywhere.

James for Website.png

James Stanger


James is our sales and events rep, a Habs fan, home chef, and craft beer fan. Additionally, he is an erstwhile anthropologist and lawyer. James can often be found touring Lethbridge and Southern Alberta for different events, or working the counter at the brewery. He is happy to chat all things beer and culture.


Matt Baird


Matt is our Cask Creator and a flavour wizard. In addition to being a major shareholder in the Brewery, Matt helps with bottling and day-to-day operations. He is the sole creator of most of our flavour-filled cask experiments featured throughout the summer and at various festivals.

In addition to helping with the Brewery operations, Matt is also Kel’s husband, and enjoys DnD, pop culture, media, and improv comedy podcasts. He is a passionate cook and loves creating interesting dishes for Kel to try at home.

Pictured here with Kel being a dork, about to rock climbing that ice tower in the background.